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Leigh Mellor Joins The Risk Board as Managing Director

Joining The Risk Board in February 2021, Leigh Mellor brings to the firm 25 years of achievement in financial services, spanning wholesale and retail banking as well as insurance.

Leigh’s diversified career across business transformation, product development, sales and marketing includes significant contributions to rapidly developing businesses, typified by his most recent role as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the pet insurance arm of Hollard Insurance, PetSure. As the Exco member primarily accountable for growth, as well as product development for half of his tenure, Leigh oversaw a doubling in size of the portfolio to half-a-million policies over a six …

Development of Risk Management framework to meet RG259 – A Practical Example

When the Responsible Entity of a Mortgage Fund with stretched internal resourcing was faced with a looming deadline to develop a Risk Management framework to meet ASIC RG259 requirements, they called The Risk Board (TRB) to support them.

TRB led risk identification workshops with key stakeholders then helped assess these risks and prioritise actions to improve controls. TRB also used its experience in risk frameworks to draft key documents including the Risk Management Strategy and the Risk Appetite Statement to free up the client resources.

The engagement leveraged TRB’s industry knowledge but tailored the solution for the client’s specifics and …

Responsible Lending and Borrowing Summit

20 – 21 February 2018 | Radisson Blu Plaza, Sydney

The Responsible Lending & Borrowing Summit is in its second year and is proving timely with much debate around open banking, unethical practice, erosion of trust and hot debates like ‘interest only loans’. This year we will have a stronger focus on the role of the consumer and the ethical practices that need to be in place in a climate of greater disruption and opportunity for lending institutions.


With Neo Banks, on the horizon in Australia and challenges around trust for institutions we will focus …

Risk Culture

Following the GFC and a number of instances of financial malpractice, the need to understand and deal with problematic risk cultures has attracted more attention amongst the
media and regulators. Current approaches to dealing with this problem have mostly been limited to simplistic surveys and self-report processes. While a step in the right
direction these approaches consistently fall short of identifying and reducing the human related risks in the finance system.

Following more than 10 years of university-based research, Cultural Sensitivity Analysis (CSA) is a sophisticated measurement and diagnostic approach that provides insight into both the individual and social levelsof an organisation’s …

CPS 220 is looming

Operational Risks and Measurements

While understanding and capturing Financial, Credit and indeed Market risks for many financial institutions is regarded as somewhat ‘core business’, and financial ratio measurements can capture such risks with a good degree of precision, Operational Risks are sometimes seen as more nebulous. This viewpoint stems from the fact that capturing operational risks and measuring these with the same degree of precision, is commonly regarded as more difficult. Nevertheless Operational Risks have been seen through history as having a significant impact on financial institutions. Take for example the current issues of behaviours and culture within major financial planning …