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Commercial Credit Risk Training

All lending is cash flow lending. Security is no substitute for serviceability or repayment.

Cash Flow Forecasting & Modelling requires informed judgement and sound knowledge of the business of borrowers, taking into account industry, economic, climatic, market, environmental and political factors, and the likely impact these factors may have on future debt service.

It is impossible to make budget/meet targets if you have credit problems.

The purpose of this training program is to equip Commercial, Business, and Corporate bankers, as well as Credit Officers with the tools to more accurately analyse lending proposals in order to identify the key drivers of future cash flow, to service future debt repayment obligations.

Lenders cannot charge a high enough interest rate to compensate for loans that are never likely to be repaid

This program, developed by Brian Flinn of The Risk Board, has been designed for anyone involved in assessing loans for commercial and corporate borrowers, for loan sizes ranging upwards from (approx.) $20,000 to very large ($multi-million) corporate loans, project finance loans, leveraged finance and infrastructure finance loans.

Participants would include analysts, Commercial Managers, Business Banking Managers, Corporate Banking Managers, as well as those involved in risk functions, including Credit Approval, Loan Administration and Loan Review. It would also be beneficial for banking executives and board members.

This course can be undertaken as a: –

  • 2 day course (preceded by approximately 8 hours of pre-work, including a case study); or
  • 3 day course (incorporating the pre-work case study)

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